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• What would a visit to the east of Tanzania be without a memorable Safari Tour?

A Tanzania safari is more than just the safari to famous tourist destinations of the northern circuit. In the southern Circuit we have the best wild life destinations with great wilderness feelings as they are less crowded by the tourists making it less spoiled.
With the best customer care and hospitality, Best Adventures will tailor make your safari to suit your taste and budget. Be it camping or luxury lodges, we will always find you the Africa you dreamed of.
With our best knowledge of the southern circuit, find our suggested itineraries that can go with your taste. If you do not find what you looking for, we will be more than happy to make your safari out of your own ideas.

Safari Destinations Safari Destinations
Safari Destinations Safari Destinations

The Serengeti of the South

Mikumi National Park

• Discover the breathtaking wilderness of the Southern Part of Tanzania

Situated in the Southern part of Tanzania and waiting to be discovered by you is the mind blowing Mikumi National Park also known as the “Serengeti of the South”. Here you can not only immerse yourself in the beautiful nature but also gaze at the exotic wildlife including lions, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, elephants, gnus, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles and on a cheeky day spot some hyebas and wild dogs.
Having the Ulunguru and Udzungwa mountains forming an amazing backdrop of this area and in contrast to well known places such as Ngorogoro Crater, here you can be guarenteed a more peaceful and less touristic stay away from everything.
A bumpy ride due to the roads means that you will reach the park after a 4 hour car ride from
Dar es Salaam but that only gives your journey a headstart. As once you have reached Mikumi you are surrounded by beautiful Acacia, palm, Boabab and Tamarind trees.
Coming that close to wild nature is extremely fascinating.
Be part of it and combine the Mikumi Safari with our Island and Hiking  Tours.

The Biggest Wildlife Game Reserve in Africa

Selous Game Reserve

• Come with us on a journey of discovery to the wide-ranging and breathtaking Selous game reserve in the south of Tanzania.

The Selous having an area of 55000 km² while covering 5% of the Tanzania land is the biggest game reserve in Africa. The Selous is never inhabited by man and is made one of the world heritage sites. This is one of the wildernesses which is still unspoiled by mankind. The park is unique as the Rufiji river which is widest river in Tanzania passes through it together with few lakes. This makes the Selous to feature the boat safaris through the river and game drive in the vehicle without forgetting the walking safari inside the reserve. The Rufiji river simplifies the game viewing during the dry season as it attracts the gatherings of herbivorous and carnivorous near the river for water drinking and hunting.

Chose one of our unique Safari adventures or combine all of them in order to experience your Best Adventure.

Watching zebras in Selous Game Reserve