Tanzania’s Hiking Paradise

Hiking Tours

• Feel like an explorer in the enormous rainy forests

Best Adventures has a number of selected destination for hikers which are less crowded by tourists or no tourist at all. The treks we take our customers to have unique characteristics of nature and beauty.

Many hikers will have their thoughts only on the great Kilimanjaro. But we have some beautiful destination that can quench your thirst for a mountain adventure just like the famous destinations of the north Tanzania. The Udzungwa, Usambara and Uluguru mountains are still the hikers’ paradise that a hiker and a nature lover should not miss.

Reaching the Jungle High on the Mountains

Uluguru Mountains

• Camping on Uluguru with a wonderful view on Morogoro town.

Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc Mountains rising to over 2,600 meters above the sea level. The Luguru tribe which dwells the lower parts of the mountains with their farming activities on the steep slopes of the mountains is the reason for the mountain to be named Uluguru. The Uluguru Mountains will not stop to amaze you all your way up.The mountains accommodate a number of flora and fauna without forgetting waterfalls. Enjoy your hike during the day. At night enjoy your dinner with fresh veggies from the gardens. While sitting by the camp fire at night, don’t let your eyes miss the shinning view of Morogoro town.

bestadventures_uluguru Breakfast on Uluguru Mountain

The Magic of Tanzanias Flora and Fauna

Amani Nature Reserve

• The second largest botanical garden in the world

Amani nature reserve is located in Tanga region and is part of Usambara Mountains which form the eastern arc mountains. These mountains contain the Lushoto and Amani Nature Reserve without forgetting the tea plantations. The Usambara Mountains are somehow unique and is home to great number of plant and animals. Some animals that can be seen are the elegant Colobus monkey, blue monkeys and a wide variety of birds. Several bird species are endemic, including the Usambara Eagle-owl and Usambara weaver. Amani nature reserve hosts the second largest botanical garden in the world. This place offers the unique environment for relaxation of body and mind. Have your dream time of being surrounded by nature. Enjoy long and short walks and get to know different types of flora and fauna. Best adventures will make sure you get the most out of Amani nature reserve. With our hospitality and knowledge of the area, we guarantee your relaxation in these environments.

The Heaven for Hikers and Nature Lover

Udzungwa Mountains

• Come and see these terrific mountains which are also known as the "Galapagos Islands of Africa"

Udzungwa mountains are a part of an eastern arc mountains. These mountains are the proof that Tanzania poses the treasure of nature. Udzungwa is the largest and most biodiverse of the eastern arc mountains accommodating many species of flora and fauna. Udzungwa alone among the ancient ranges of the Eastern Arc has been accorded national park status. It is also unique within Tanzania in that its closed-canopy forest spans altitudes of 250 metres (820 feet) to above 2,000 metres (6,560 ft) above the sea level. Shortly, Udzungwa is the heaven for hikers and nature lover!