Tanzania City Tours

Dar es Salaam

• Enjoy the coastal city and cultural capital of Tanzania with our tours.

You’ll visit Swahili busy markets with traditional clothed women of the neighbourhoods who are selling fresh veggies, fruits and breakfast snacks. Welcoming children all over the streets shouting ‘MAMBOO!’ (‘Hi!’). Immerse yourself in the world of the locals of Tanzania and enjoy the real lifestyle of the Swahili people. This is Dar es Salaam that you should visit!
We would like you to share the authentic Tanzanian life style so that you can proudly say “I know the real Tanzanian culture!”.
Dar Tours will touch the historical background of Tanzania and Dar es Salaam in specific. You’ll get to know the political, social and economic aspects that faced the country with their impact to the present life style of the people of Dar Es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam City Map Coastal City Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam City Map Coastal City Dar es Salaam

Shopping from a Traditional Locals' View

Local Markets Tour

• This tour will take you through the four important markets of Dar es salaam city

You will visit the famous shopping streets of Dar es Salaam. The city receives people from different parts of the world to trade. Some coming from neighboring countries to buy goods and some come from far as China to sell goods. This is a unique tour that will make you see a lot as you move from one market to another.

Back to the Roots of Dar

City Historical Tour

• Dar city tour is a tour which is more of a social political nature.

Through the tour you will get to know the history of Dar es salaam as a city and the history of Tanzania political issues as a Nation. The tour will take you through important buildings in town and get to know the stories behind the walls.

The Beautiful Underwater World of Sinda Island Marine Reserve

Dhow and Snorkling

• This is a daily trip organised by Best adventures to a small island near Dar es salaam city center.

You will be picked up in Town or your residence in Dar es salaam and head direct to Kigamboni Peninsula where you will catch a traditional swahili dhow and sail direct to Sinda island Marine reserve.
The reserved island is a peace full destination with clear waters that accommodates vast number of sea life including coral reefs, Star fish, Tropical fish and Dolfins, This is where you want go for snorkeling and relax. At mid day get your hot lunch at the island, be it fresh fish from the sea or veggies, Best Adventures will be happy saving you.
In the evening you will be transfered back to the city center or to your residence.

Getting Close to the Original Swahili Culture

Swahli Tour

• This tour will take you deep in Dar es Salaam which is very hard to find as a foreigner

You will go through different neighborhoods and get to hear the stories about them. Visit busy markets, shops and talk to the residents as they perform their daily economic activities.
This four hour tour is a NO miss tour while in Dar es salaam and is designed in a way it gives back to the communities you will visit. The tour will give you the real experience of Dar es Salaam life. The tour can be done on bicycle, bajaj (tuktuk) or by walking. But mostly recommended on bicycles. After this tour you can proudly say “I was in Dar”.