Best adventures abides to a famous slogan saying “safety first!”. And we always treat all our customers with extra care to make their Tanzania safari an everlasting memory!


Best adventures recommends you consult your doctor before you travel for your Tanzania Safari. They will advise you on what is best to pack into your personal medical kit and what precautions you should take for the various risks.
Best adventures advices its clients to take international medical and travel insurance before your trip to Tanzania. This can be helpful when an emergency medical evacuation is needed especially when you are in remote areas in the wilderness.
It is necessary that you inform Best adventures during the booking that you are allergic to any foods or medicines, or if you have any health conditions which need special care.
You are encouraged to use bottled water throughout your stay in Tanzania. Best adventures will make sure you don’t run short of your bottled water supply. The tap water will only be fine for teeth brushing and washing/showering but not drinking.
Mosquitoes spreading Malaria are available in most parts of Tanzania, your doctor will advise you on the Prevention doses that you should take. Precautions should also be taken to avoid being bitten by insects by using insect repellant on exposed skin, covering up throughout the evening and using a mosquito net.
HIV/AIDS is still a threat throughout the world, so please take necessary precautions to protect your self.


Tanzania is one of the most peaceful and friendly countries in Africa with a history of political stability and positive relations between tribes and religious communities. As normal in all parts of the world there are some risk of crime that we should always be aware of and prevent them from happening at first place:

• Do not encourage the trade of endangered wild life by buying products made using ivory, shells, marine turtle, coral or animal hide. These products are illegal.

• While on safari or mountain climbing remain alert to your surroundings and report anything unusual to your tour guide or park ranger. Do not disturb the plants and animals in their natural environment. And always follow your guide instructions when you are in a safari.

• Always do not hesitate to let your Best adventures guide know if you feel unwell.

• When you go out of your hotel, you are advised to use the taxi or bajaj (tuktuk) which is known at the hotel. Just ask the hotel attendants that you need a taxi or bajaj and they will help you with that.

• Never exchange money on the street, always use the offices of a Bureau de Change. And do not exchange large amount of money at once. Exchange your money depending on your needs.

• Keep a photocopy of important documentation separate from originals so replacement is easier should anything be lost.

• Avoid political rallies and public gatherings in Tanzania. Peaceful demonstrations can turn violent with little or no warning. It is important for visitors to be mindful of their safety, especially in public areas.

• Do not accept candy, food or drinks from strangers on long-distance busses.

• Avoid wearing flashy jewelry while in public.

• The law is always the law – respecting the law is as important in Tanzania as anywhere else.